Invest In Africa 2017

Investors,Banks,Financial Institutions, International Economic Organizations and stakeholders will participate in the "Invest In Africa 2017" Conference and "Exhibitors Summit" to gain direct access to Key Stakeholders, Decision Makers, National and Private, Infrastructure, Commercial, Energy, Agricultural, Industrial and Social Projects and Programs Exhibited by Delegates from 54 countries across Africa for three days and nights at the 

New venue and Date coming Soon !

Visit the entire continent of Africa in One Very Large Room

Exhibitors and Decision Makers from 54 African Nations

Register today as an Accredited Investor or  Financial Institution and join more than one thousand delegates and participants from 54 countries across the African Continent under one roof for three days 

New venue and Date coming Soon !


[Disclaimer, it is noted that this event is not in any way associated with or organized by any Government or International Agency in Egypt including but not limited to GAFI, EAPD, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the United Nations, or any others as this event is a Private Sector Initiative organized only, under the responsibility of  the Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development and our Private sector partners, sponsorship partners and others Patronage is based on availability]