Invest In Africa 2017


The "First Annual Invest In Africa Conference" and "Exhibitors Summit"

 is  Is a historic event, which brings hundreds of international banks, financial institutions, investors, corporate and institutional leaders, International Organizations and professionals, together with sovereign, private and public Project Exhibitors, showcasing Infrastructure, Energy, Agriculture, Commercial and Social Projects and Opportunities from 54 Countries across the continent of Africa.

H e  Hear from renown experts and colleagues, about the enormous potential  for  synergy, profit and development across the African Continent, including  how to better streamline investment processes, ease of doing business,  travel , protection for profit repatriation and other guarantees for Investors  and stakeholders

D    Delegates  will experience excellent opportunities to meet regional government representatives and leaders, in the development portion of the event, as well as key stakeholders and project representatives who will exhibit and showcase government programs and projects, in addition to the private sector companies who will participate  and learn how to best take advantage of Africa‚Äôs enormous investment and banking potential. 

         All Eyes are on Africa as the the Geopolitical Prize in the Quest for Natural  Resources and Strategic Foreign Relations and now more than ever is the  time to take advantage of the excellent Investment Climate Throughout the  Continent, your participation in the First Annual Invest in Africa 2017  Conference and Project Exhibitors Summit hosting stakeholders from 54  countries is the premier event to interact with decision makers on both  sides of the commercial and geopolitical coin as  this event offers an      unprecedented access to reach opportunities and network with decision        makers continent wide under one roof for three days and nights at 

New venue and Date coming Soon !

[Disclaimer, it is noted that this event is not in any way associated with or organized by any Government or International Agency in Egypt including but not limited to GAFI, EAPD, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the United Nations, or any others as this event is a Private Sector Initiative organized only, under the responsibility of the Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development and our Private sector partners, sponsorship partners and others and patronage is based on availability]