Invest In Africa 2017

"First Annual International Investment Conference"

"And Exhibitors Summit"

New venue and Date coming Soon !


Representing the Continents Major Countries, Companies and Investment Opportunities,  Premier Projects and Investment Opportunities Exhibited for the benefit of Global Investors,Top Investment Banking Institutions and Stakeholders in Africa and from Across the World

More Than 1,000 Participants from 54 Countries Expected to addend the first Annual International Investment Conference on Africa, Register Now to reserve your position and participation

Conference Agenda

(Agenda under construction and will be posted within a few days, check back or contact for immediate information on Agenda Format and Scheduling all speakers are pending confirmation and may change at any time)


10:00 am to 3:00 pm

4:00 Pm

7-15 Min.

Blocks for
Each Speaker

Registration and Reception

First Opening Session Speakers

·        Chairman Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development Dr. Mohamed Zayed, PhD

·        Deputy Secretary General AACSED Dr, Ebrahim El Nattar


Second Session Speakers


·        Congressman Roberto Larios Rodriguez (ARENA and Central American Parliament) El Salvador, on the importance of Latin Americas trade with Africa

·        Sk. Yaqob Sibindy, President of Projecto Novo Mozambique on African Unification and Development

·        Diplomatic Trade CEO Benjamin Ballout, on the importance of Trade and Development as a tool for more effective diplomacy and stability

         Many many others to be posted this week return for listing.


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The Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development

a committee of the Joint Stock Company 

Development and Prosperity for Industry and Commerce SAE

The AACSED is not a Company or an NGO the AACSED is a committee of regional experts connected via general asembally to the joint stock company of 

Development and Prosperity for Industry and Commerce SAE

[Disclaimer, it is noted that this event is not in any way associated with or organized by any Government or International Agency in Egypt including but not limited to GAFI, EAPD, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the United Nations, or any others as this event is a Private Sector Initiative organized only, under the responsibility of  the Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development and our Private sector partners, sponsorship partners and others]