Invest In Africa 2017

Speakers from across the globe will present expert advice and opinion on Investment potential and opportunities in Africa

Current and Former Heads of State or their Delegates, Ministers, Ambassadors, CEO's Bank and Institutional Officers who are experts on Africa and its Investment Opportunities and unrivaled potential will deliver valuable advise and information on broad and diverse topics

[many additional speakers are added and will be posted this week some speakers may not be available to participate while patronage may not be available depending on authorizations and scheduling !] 

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First Opening Session Speakers

·        Chairman Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development Dr. Mohamed Zayed, PhD

·        Deputy Secretary General AACSED Dr, Ebrahim El Nattar   


      Second Session Speakers

·        ·        Congressman Roberto Larios Rodriguez (ARENA and Central American Parliament) El Salvador, on the importance of Latin Americas trade with Africa

·        Sk. Yaqob Sibindy, President of Projecto Novo Mozambique on African Unification and Development

·        Diplomatic Trade CEO Benjamin Ballout, on the importance of Trade and Development as a tool for more effective diplomacy and stability


New venue and Date coming Soon !


The Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development

a committee of the Joint Stock Company 

Development and Prosperity for Industry and Commerce SAE

The AACSED is not a Company or an NGO the AACSED is a committee of regional experts connected via general asembally to the joint stock company of 

Development and Prosperity for Industry and Commerce SAE

[Disclaimer, it is noted that this event is not in any way associated with or organized by any Government or International Agency in Egypt including but not limited to GAFI, EAPD, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the United Nations, or any others as this event is a Private Sector Initiative organized only, under the responsibility of  the Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development and our Private sector partners, sponsorship partners and others patronage due to availability]